Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pictures are on their way... eventually

My laptop is off being repaired, and since the computer I'm on has practically no programs on it, I won't be uploading any photos for my blog or etsy until my lappy is all better (should be a few more days). And boy do I have stories to tell!

This weekend was a roller coaster ride of long car trips through the mountains, swimming in the lake, craft show craziness and a leaky tent during a thunder storm, early birthday presents and playing cards for hours on end with my grandma, mom and aunt.

And I've got a bit of a sweat shop going in my room, now that my old rotary sewing machine is repaired, and wow it's an intense machine! I feel like it could sew through anything, it's a beast and I LOVE it.

I think I'm going to end up hoarding old sexy sewing machines :) Just tonight I made a long centipede scarf, modeled after Cedric, but one solid color and flat pieces of fleece. Thinking of offering it as custom orders in my shop to make them any color. Should be fun.

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