Thursday, July 31, 2008

A lizard with a leaf on his head

Buddy the bearded dragon just chillin'.Turns out the wrong parts were delivered to my computer guy so it'll be a bit longer til I get my laptop back, but I discovered this computer has an HP photo editor program that works well enough to crop photos for my purposes. So hurray! And more goodies in my shop, too!

Introducing the centipede scarf, modeled by yours truly:
You can find it for sale here! I love this, it was inspired by Cedric the centipede, as I wanted a more affordable, and less cumbersome scarf option for those that want to look hip with a big centipede around their neck. It has all the right segments and legs, too.

Working on custom orders and anxiously awaiting my feature article to come out in the daily gazette in the lifestyles section this sunday.


Nicole Solo said...

Haha buddy is so cute :D My bunnies will sit there with stuff on their heads too. Talented creatures

Tizzalicious said...

I absolutely love the scarf!