Sunday, October 31, 2010

Catocala cara

My dad was the only one brave enough to guess the species of my costume in the last post, and he was right! Catocala cara, the Darling Underwing, was the inspiration for my Halloween costume this year. For the party I went to last night I kept it rather simple, tonight I'm going to add antennae and perhaps some more detail on the fore-wings.

The base was a dress from the thrift store, arm warmers were from a shirt also from the thrift store, the fleece fabric I already had on hand.

It feels great to be sewing again.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Working on my halloween costume... can you guess what I'm going to be?

I'm back!

Hello again! Life is crazy (as I had predicted), and my Etsy shop has finally reopened.
I will not be taking new custom orders until I sort out all the ones that have piled up the past few months.

A lot has been going on since I moved here - amazing Arizona trip, classes, seminars, insect collecting, TAing, making friends, driving around CT, giving my first talk at a herpetology conference in Canada, and staying at my office til all hours of the night.

Things have been happening with my artwork, too, even though my shop has been closed.
My marker drawings have been featured in two shows at the Zzyzx gallery of natural science in Los Angeles, and three of my plush beetles are currently at the "Plush You!" show at the Schmancy toy gallery in Seattle.

I will attempt to update with photos, science tidbits and plush adventures.
(The katydid pictured was captured at a nearby park)