Sunday, June 28, 2009


Did you get to play with these guys in biology class?

I remember in high school we got some planarians to mess around with... if you cut them in half they'll grow into two worms, and if you cut the head in half it'll grow two heads.

They are flatworms, phylum Platyhelminthes.

I made a few plushies! One small, one medium, and one with two heads. Available now in my etsy shop.

Two heads

Saturday, June 20, 2009

All my babies

In one place:I spent several hours sketching and coloring this page, one of my favorite works. Done in sharpie markers, of course, 9"x12".

The animals are not to scale.

Check out my flickr photo to see notes of all their names.

Going to frame this and hang it in my room :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Is the name of the treasury I created today!Click HERE to see the treasury and check out the awesome products/sellers. I could find surprisingly few Burgess Shale creatures on etsy, though you can see I dug up an anomalocaris and hallucigenia. And of course there's the trilobites.

I was inspired to make this treasury because of a custom order I completed this morning... a HUGE trilobite.
It's about 24" long, super soft and cuddly and made out of my absolute favorite fabric.

Here's another order I finished recently: dragonfly nymph and blackfly larvae:
Always looking forward to more custom orders :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Art on Lark - results

I'm back from the show - what fun! I'm getting tired just thinking about it, craft shows are fabulous but so exhausting.

So here I am in my tent:My boyfriend Josh went with me, so glad he loves craft shows and wanted to help :) He kept me company and wandered around the street with his own giant centipede. I wish I had gotten a photo of us together! A bunch of strangers took pics of us though, wonder if I'll manage to find any of them floating around the internet... here is Josh guarding the booth:
And some shots of my display:
And the million dollar question: "So which is weird, you or the bugs?"
The answer is "both"

And if I had a dollar for every time someone picked up my plush weights I'd be rich! Did well money wise considering there was a huge crowd but no one was buying. Saw hardly anyone walking by with bags or things they've purchased, and by the end the other booths still looked pretty full. Didn't get to talk much to other vendors though, so I'm not sure how well people did overall.

I had a lot of fun talking to people, got to meet a lot of repeat customers and people who remembered me from past shows, as well as a few who recognized me from the newspaper article I was in last year. Passed out nearly all of the business cards I brought so that makes the show worth it no matter what.

My favorite part was talking to kids - I love answering their questions and giving them some good creepy facts to tell their friends. It was annoying having to readjust my display every 5 minutes due to grabbing hands, but considering I make soft plushies I knew it couldn't be helped. So grateful for attentive parents!

Hopefully have some more custom orders coming my way, need to keep myself busy. Only now I have to unpack everything and put it away and do the paperwork for my business - it can't be all fun.

Overall very glad I got to attend this show, I'll hopefully be back next year.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Art on Lark street

My first (and perhaps only?) craft show of the summer! I LOVE this show, had a lot of fun and success last year and am excited to be back.Here's a little map of the show location and I'm pointing at my spot (and I circled it in green)- #51, just about in the middle. I shouldn't be tough to find anyway, my fabulous boyfriend Josh will be there with me and we'll both have our giant plush centipedes.
By the way, this is in Albany NY so if you'll be in the area - BE THERE! June 6th, 10 to 5. Come visit me (and maybe buy something?) and with all the other great vendors and food and music you'll surely have a good time.