Thursday, July 31, 2008

A lizard with a leaf on his head

Buddy the bearded dragon just chillin'.Turns out the wrong parts were delivered to my computer guy so it'll be a bit longer til I get my laptop back, but I discovered this computer has an HP photo editor program that works well enough to crop photos for my purposes. So hurray! And more goodies in my shop, too!

Introducing the centipede scarf, modeled by yours truly:
You can find it for sale here! I love this, it was inspired by Cedric the centipede, as I wanted a more affordable, and less cumbersome scarf option for those that want to look hip with a big centipede around their neck. It has all the right segments and legs, too.

Working on custom orders and anxiously awaiting my feature article to come out in the daily gazette in the lifestyles section this sunday.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I swear I'm alive

Really truly. My laptop just still seems to be in repairs.

Not much going on other than sewing, my room being a mess, minor health issues and plugging away through the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King. Read it all a few years ago, now rereading it, the books seem so much better and richer.

My boyfriend is JUST like Roland, it's uncanny... same overall cold demeanor, huge (but mostly hidden) heart, steel blue eyes.

If you've read the series tell me about how much you love it and how frustrating the ending is :-P

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pictures are on their way... eventually

My laptop is off being repaired, and since the computer I'm on has practically no programs on it, I won't be uploading any photos for my blog or etsy until my lappy is all better (should be a few more days). And boy do I have stories to tell!

This weekend was a roller coaster ride of long car trips through the mountains, swimming in the lake, craft show craziness and a leaky tent during a thunder storm, early birthday presents and playing cards for hours on end with my grandma, mom and aunt.

And I've got a bit of a sweat shop going in my room, now that my old rotary sewing machine is repaired, and wow it's an intense machine! I feel like it could sew through anything, it's a beast and I LOVE it.

I think I'm going to end up hoarding old sexy sewing machines :) Just tonight I made a long centipede scarf, modeled after Cedric, but one solid color and flat pieces of fleece. Thinking of offering it as custom orders in my shop to make them any color. Should be fun.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm off to the show

Leaving tonight for the Adirondacks to participate in a craft show this weekend! Going with my family and staying with relatives who live nearby, it should be a great few days.

It's Arts in the Park, Arrowhead park in Inlet, NY. 19th and 20th... there will be music and food and about 100 vendors. Here's to hoping it doesn't rain!

My etsy shop is thus emptied until I return. Don't miss me too much!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm sew good (haha)

My dad loves telling people about how I'm so good, and so busy with my business, that I use two sewing machines at once.

So the other day he decided to get picture proof.

No, I don't actually use two at once. But I may use two (or all three) on one project. I may need different colored threads and don't feel like rethreading the same machine, or simply like getting to use each. The plastic one only gets used for the zig zag stitch, which I don't use very often because I usually sew little details by hand.

Oh, and good news about the mysterious Eesco rotary machine - my grandfather took it and fixed the motor, oiled it up, and said it's one of the best machines he's ever used. I can't wait to get it back and test it out for myself. I'm gathering up quite a collection of beautiful working sewing machines :) I got a set of bobbins for the 1924 singer, later I'll probably wind them all up with the colors I use most. And I bought a great necklace from AmazonCreations, it's a little old sewing machine replica, and I get so many comments on it! Wearing it around is great for my business because it starts up conversations about how I love old machines and love to sew.

And here's a peek at some things I've been working on...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Technical difficulties

I've been neglecting my blog lately, due to various reasons. First of all, my laptop, after its latest windows update, decided it doesn't want to use the internet anymore. It's connected just fine (directly to the router, and it says so in my computer's settings), all the other computers work (I'm on my mom's comp right now), but none of my programs that use the internet are working. Nobody can figure out what's wrong... I might be in the market for a new laptop.

So I can check up on etsy and things, but I can't upload photos to list or put on my blog (nobody else has photoshop or any other programs for me to adjust/crop photos). Which is ok for now, since I'm making lots of items for my next craft show, and for the pet store, but pretty soon I'll need a working laptop again.

Otherwise life is good, spending my time sewing and taking care of all the animals. I'll check in if anything exciting happens.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Crazy day

Today was so nuts I had to take a long nap this afternoon! This morning started out with a photographer from the Daily Gazette newspaper coming over to my house (that's right, I'm going to be famous, woohoo!). She was a blast to work with, and I'm really excited to see how the photos came out.

Then I went to the bank, then the pet store where I used to work to pick up some crickets. I took along the bearded dragon plushie that was finally sold before packing it up in its box to send out. The owner of the store fell in love (she breeds bearded dragons) and wants me to make a bunch of things to sell on consignment there - lizards, frogs, fish tank set ups, hedgehogs, you name it. I love that place and it would be great exposure, can't wait to start making things!

And THEN I went to a woman's house to purchase a sewing machine. Found her ad on craigslist (my first craigslist experience, gulp), threw a few emails back and forth, and it turns out she had a 1920s model (turned electric) Singer, small and portable, in great working condition. It's not quite as sexy as my 1947 model, but definitely beautiful and exciting. It also doesn't go backwards (!!!) which will take some getting used to (I keep reach for a lever that isn't there), but I'll manage. I'm so happy to have a sexy little machine to take to school with me! So yeah, you want pictures:
All of my (working) machines. The one in the middle is the love of my life. The plastic one I only use for zig zag stitches, and the one on the right is the new addition.
This must be how guys feel about their cars, right? I emailed singer to get the model number and hopefully get a manual, then I need to buy a bunch of bobbins (they're strange, the shuttle ones, tried out winding one and it was so neat!) and needles. Otherwise the machine comes with all the other parts.

And then I got to etsy for even more fun. Was on the front page and made a sale!

Life is so awesome right now. The blueberries and raspberries are getting ripe, I think I'm going to go pick some.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cats just love to get in the way

Anyone who has a cat knows this. Laying on the floor at the bottom of the steps, standing right behind your feet, jumping on your newspaper or book, squeezing in between two people on the couch...

Well, one of my cats, Skyler, needs to be on my lap when I'm using my laptop. She waits on the couch for me, or slinks down the stairs within a couple minutes of me sitting down. Without fail.

And she's not content being nearby, oh no. She tries her hardest to lay all the way across me (keep in mind, my lap is already being taken up by my laptop). She steps on keys, drools on my arms, and nuzzles my hands (ew). And she howls! The most demanding sounding cat I've ever seen. If she doesn't get her way, she whines.

She's my baby though, an old lady who just wants attention (17 years old). Today I managed to get a few photos of how she likes to "help" me. Did I mention I'm allergic to my cats? Yeah. Can't escape.(And yes, that is Timmy the caterpillar on my shirt. Got it on

Friday, July 4, 2008

What a view!

I went to visit my boyfriend for a day, and he lives in such a beautiful part of the state. We hiked up a small mountain with a steep cliff face, and the view was stunning. I also learned how to use the panorama function on my camera... click on the photo below to see it full size!In other news, been getting ready for my next show, July 19th and 20th at Arrowhead park in Inlet, NY. I'm making an "Adirondack series" of animals, so far including a mallard duckling and a red backed salamander. Other ideas include a snapping turtle, toad, red squirrel, chipmunk, and loon, with plenty of other possibilities. I'll also be offering some of my photography. And I'm realizing that one show per month is just plenty for me... and hopefully I'll have some time to make new things for my etsy shop.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dinner time!

I was feeding the snakes today and thought I'd get some feeding shots of all of them. All my snakes eat frozen/thawed mice of various sizes, once per week. Monty the corn snake used to get two at a time, but there's no need for him to grow like a weed so he's back down to one. Of course, afterwards he searches the tank and looks at me pleadingly for more.

First up: Misty the pacific tree boa. She used to eat only tree frogs, and it took many months of frustration and perseverance to get her to take pinkies. Now her feeding response is almost instantaneous! She snaps the pinky up within seconds.
Then Tiger the kenyan sand boa. Had to dig him out of the woodchips first (spends nearly all his time hidden in his burrows)... he struck and missed a few times but finally got it.Next, Napoleon the eastern milk snake. He's still a tiny little guy, but loves his pinky mice. He doesn't like being watched though, so he tried to take the mouse under the cocofiber with him.
Ah, Checkers, our best eater. He's an eastern milk snake, been with us several years, and comes up to the top edge of the tank when he knows he's about to be fed. Loves those fuzzies.
Monty the pink snow corn snake is also known as 'the pink monster', because, well, he's huge. And still growing! Just about 4.5 feet long now with a real healthy appetite.

And finally, Jacques (for those of you counting, that makes six. My snakie number seven, Bijou the big fat beautiful ball python, is staying with my boyfriend). He has a history of being finicky but he wasted no time getting down to business today.
Snake feeding time is my favorite time of the week :)

I went to visit my boyfriend, and got to feed my lovely girl Bijou. My guy is a very good snake daddy.