Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dinner time!

I was feeding the snakes today and thought I'd get some feeding shots of all of them. All my snakes eat frozen/thawed mice of various sizes, once per week. Monty the corn snake used to get two at a time, but there's no need for him to grow like a weed so he's back down to one. Of course, afterwards he searches the tank and looks at me pleadingly for more.

First up: Misty the pacific tree boa. She used to eat only tree frogs, and it took many months of frustration and perseverance to get her to take pinkies. Now her feeding response is almost instantaneous! She snaps the pinky up within seconds.
Then Tiger the kenyan sand boa. Had to dig him out of the woodchips first (spends nearly all his time hidden in his burrows)... he struck and missed a few times but finally got it.Next, Napoleon the eastern milk snake. He's still a tiny little guy, but loves his pinky mice. He doesn't like being watched though, so he tried to take the mouse under the cocofiber with him.
Ah, Checkers, our best eater. He's an eastern milk snake, been with us several years, and comes up to the top edge of the tank when he knows he's about to be fed. Loves those fuzzies.
Monty the pink snow corn snake is also known as 'the pink monster', because, well, he's huge. And still growing! Just about 4.5 feet long now with a real healthy appetite.

And finally, Jacques (for those of you counting, that makes six. My snakie number seven, Bijou the big fat beautiful ball python, is staying with my boyfriend). He has a history of being finicky but he wasted no time getting down to business today.
Snake feeding time is my favorite time of the week :)

I went to visit my boyfriend, and got to feed my lovely girl Bijou. My guy is a very good snake daddy.


ArmandoJavier (MANDO) said...

ew...you are the weird bug lady, great photos, but ew.

Walk in the Woods said...

It's good you warn folks! LOL

A friend of mine had a boa years ago, I was always invited for the weekly dinner!

Ginger said...

Poor mice, but pretty snakes!

rengawk said...

I worked a winter break job at a pet store years ago, and must admit I learned more about the snakes than any other creature - feeding them was amazing! For someone who had no prior experience with a constrictor it was a HOLY CRAP moment to see that it happens in an instant, not like the character from Disney's Jungle Book...I really was that surprised!

BaldyLocks said...

Your snakes are absolutely beautiful!

Mama Randa Morning Glory said...

Awesome! I'm so glad you replied to my forum thread, you're blog was a treat to find!

stripeymonkey :) said...