Sunday, June 15, 2008

You don't fool me

Even beetles know how to roll over and play dead - this guy was quite convincing.It's a type of metallic wood boring beetle (family Buprestidae), though it's mostly concerned with eating dead/dying wood, not healthy wood, so it's not much of a pest. They're quite stunningly beautiful... and have cute faces.My dad caught this one flying in midair, and so of course it was my job to identify it, poke at it, and take photos of it. Ah, such has been my life. I love it.


LoveMeKnot Creations said...

I must say, you make bugs interesting.

Morrgan said...

Great photos of a cool-looking bug. =)

Spiderbite said...

These photos look great. What kind of camera do you use?