Tuesday, June 17, 2008

That was fast!

So my latest creation is a praying mantis fake taxidermy head/neck/front claws. It's all hand sewn and made of green wool felt, black felt and white pompoms. It was quite fun to make, in fact I spent most of the time outside in the evening watching the fireflies as I was sewing.

So... yeah. I listed it yesterday and woke up today to it being sold! To someone who found me on deviantArt, which I think is pretty cool. So my praying mantis (which looks just like how I draw them all the time) is going off to Greece today.Also: now I know why my dad always yells at me to not go around the backyard in bare feet (aside from the rabid racoons that are drooling all over the grass, uh huh)... two days ago I had spent a long morning outside, barefoot, with my camera taking pictures and exploring the woods/pond. Everything was fine, and the grass and mud and moss felt wonderful under my feet. Later that day, my dad asked me outside to look at a cool cloud formation. First step I took on the grass - BZZT. I stepped on something, likely a small bee, that stung the arch of my foot. It alternated between stinging slightly and not feeling anything at all.

Well, yesterday it was swollen up the size of a quarter, hot, throbbing and deeply itching unbearably. My feet are super sensitive/ticklish, so that certainly hasn't helped. All the ice and soaking in cold water and neosporin and anti itch cream hasn't helped at all (the ice helps temporarily, but thats it). It's gone down slightly but still itches like crazy, I barely got any sleep last night because of it.

So - I'll be wearing my flip flops from now on. Sigh.


Ashe-Villain said...

did you try making a paste of baking soda and water? sometimes that can help insect stings.

maritza said...

That mantis is awesome! Love it! Congrats on selling it super-fast - it's no surprise that someone would snatch that up immediately.
Also, Benadryl makes a lotion/ointment thingy for bug bites that works beautifully. Hope you foot is doing much better.