Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Featured etsy seller - burrowburrow

It's been a while since I've posted about a great creepy crawlie etsy seller, and when I came across this shop I knew I had to mention it!

Ann Smith of burrowburrow makes the most amazing little animal sculptures from bits of metal, including birds, mammals and bugs. The details are fantastic, the prices are affordable and I think you should all buy one right now.

Here are some of her great little bugs...I also thing it's neat that these pieces are created with broken electronics and machine parts, really a great way to recycle. Perhaps the perfect gift for the geeky bug lover in your life?


La Alicia said...

those are so fun!

TotusMel said...

I just saw those the other day too, yay bugs!

outofthepinksky said...

Those are awesome! Thank you for informing us about them!

OnesandZerosFashions said...

That dragonfly is super-cute

Sarah Jane Evans said...

Neat! Ann Smith actually came to my class in college in 2003 to talk about her creations. It was a good talk. She has some pretty crazy intricate awesome stuff that isn't in her etsy shop, so be sure to check her website too.