Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When pets and crafts collide

Most people know how cats and dogs can interfere with creating crafts and artwork... the whining, jumping, stealing, playing, begging, not to mention getting fur and paw prints everywhere.

But even snakes can cause trouble.

Last night I was feeding all my snakes (I have seven, five different species), and I got to Jacques, the little ball python. His cage is in my room, next to an overflowing basket of fleece fabric.

I use tongs to feed him (they all eat frozen/thawed mice) because he doesn't have the greatest aim, and I've had my fingers mistaken for a mouse before. So I lifted up the lid and dangled the mouse.

He got a bit overzealous and launched past the mouse and grabbed a mouthful of fleece! I dropped the mouse into the cage and gasped as he coiled around a section of the fabric in a death grip. I grabbed him and tried to uncoil him, but he wouldn't budge. That felt like a furry mouse and he wouldn't be convinced otherwise!

After a minute or two I was able to uncoil him and pry his mouth off the fabric. Once again in his cage I dangled the mouse, and he struck, strangled and ate it.

I then got out my scissors and cut away that section of fabric, luckily it was towards the end.

I didn't get any pics of the action, but here's the little trouble maker Jacques:
He's a bit bigger than in that photo now, but still a cute handful of snake.


trinlayk said...

Hey! you could charge EXTRA for something made of "snakebit" fleece!


Or did he really mess it up?

Honeydew Studio said...

Oh no! Glad you nabbed him in time. I love his name by the way. Proper people names for animals are the best. They always give me a giggle. (o:

Alexis-Marie said...

I've never seen s a real snake before. But i really think that the snake in the picture looks so beautiful. I love it's skin design :)
It looks so glamorous and elegant

LazyTcrochet said...

Wow, glad you were able to get it. I admit to being afraid of snakes. I was running on the trail the other day and jumped at two different ones sunning on the trail. I was mowing grass later and something tickled my ankle. I jumped so hard that I cracked my ankle and have a huge bruise. I'm so jumpy now! I can barely deal with a hamster LOL. I'm sure Jacques would love Pepper.

Spiderbite said...

You need to get that snake a pair of bifocals stat.

Made by Melissa said...

That's too funny. I am sure he enjoyed his mouse much more than he would have enjoyed some fleece.