Saturday, June 28, 2008

Away for the weekend

Hey all, I'm taking a trip up to the Adirondacks this weekend to see family so I won't be around obsessively checking my blog, deviantart, flickr, and etsy, haha.

I will, however, bring my camera for any neat animals I may find... hopefully some cute salamanders.

Before I go here's a little treat for any of you spider lovers - some photos I took of my fishing spider who laid an egg sac. I released her before the babies hatched because unlike wolf spiders (which carry the babies on her back for a while first), fishing spider babies scatter instantly.

I've noticed some people confusing the two (fishing spiders and wolf spiders) so here are some tips: Fishing spiders and wolf spiders have similar bodies, although the fishing spider has more elaborate patterns. Look at the legs: wolf spiders have shorter legs, and the fishing spider can reach legspans of up to 3". And look for stripes! If it has striped legs, it's a fishing spider.

Also, how a female carries the egg sac. Wolf spiders carry it from the spinerrettes on the abdomen, while the fishing spider carries it in her pedipalps by her mouth.

Don't miss me too much!


Great Gifts said...

Have a nice time and take some good insecty pics for us.

Field Notes said...

FAN-freaking-TASTIC photos!!!!