Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sticky the stick insect... real original, eh? Anyone want to come up with a better name?
The boys brought over a little northern walking stick (Diapheromera femorata) they had found in their yard.
Considering the years I had spent at the Lyman museum caring for their stick insects, I knew just what to do. An enclosure was quickly set up with paper towels, a few branches, a vial of water with a hole in the cap to place oak leaves, and a little water dish.

He/she has already eaten a few big chunks out of an oak leaf. I'm definitely keeping this little guy for a while.


Plantress said...

you should start a nature camp! You must be beloved by small boys EVERYWHERE

Weird Bug Lady said...

Hehe, I've thought about it! Maybe during the summers once I start grad school? I'm doing a nature presentation for a birthday party today, actually.

Anonymous said...

> Sticky the stick insect... real original, eh? Anyone want to come up with a better name?

Fatboy Slim? Woody if it's a boy, Twiggy if it's a girl? Link? Stilts? Twick? Buddy? Art, short for Articulated? Stiffanie? Sticholas? Stemantha? Fetch?

Anonymous said...

Of course! Oakley! Did I guess? Or Oksana.

If you like "A Bug's Life": Slim, Niles, Crane, David, Hyde, or Pierce.

raymeds said...

At first I thought that it was a stick you have to check it out through it to know that it is an insect.

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