Saturday, November 29, 2008

The procrastination progression of a drawing

I thrive on challenges - and since doing laundry doesn't feel like much of a challenge, I put it off in order to work on a pencil drawing.

I've attempted to start drawing from this photo before, but it didn't work out, I wasn't inspired enough.

Today, though, I gave it a try. It's a photo of my boyfriend Josh and I, with my ball python Bijou wrapped around my neck.

The start: sketched out some basics
Working on Josh:Me looking a bit goofy:
And all done!
It's not that great, especially compared to the original photo and you can see all the proportions I got wrong... but it felt good!

Sometimes when you get artistic urges you've just got to let them out or you'll explode.

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Jennifer Otero said...

thats really good, you are very talented.