Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm never quite sure...

...How to look at an octopus.

We all instinctively look for the face of an animal in order to satisfy our brains and properly orient ourselves.

But ever since I was little and had a plastic purple octopus bath toy, they've had me puzzled.

I made this as part of a custom order and I'm still not satisfied with which way to look at it.

Now, I *know* which end faces front when they move, but then again, they swim backwards, which makes it strange again.

Part of me always wants the big blobby body to be the head/nose, no matter how much I tell myself otherwise.

I'm not the only one that has pondered this, right?


MichellesCharmWorld said...

haha this is a cute post! love the octopus by the way!!!

Harmony said...

hi brigette!i must say that its a cute blog with so much to explore!u made it well-i mean octopus!hmm hallowen party dress is a perfect option!tree!and yeh Hats are forever cool dear!take care!

Field Notes said...

OMG - you have outdone yourself!
Freaking AWESOME!! And I don't even think octopi are all that cute (I'm a fuzzy mammal gal) - but you nailed made this one ADORABLE!

I want one =D
Trouble is my newfies would think it has squeakers in the appendages and that would be that end of Mr. Octopus.

5erg said...

Your work is so accurate :D It is very cool,
I don't think there are many people who interfere their animal science knowledge with making soft toys :D so cool

vhall said...

eeek! i love this octopus <3
it looks fantastic.

Mimi said...

Um... if the octopus' head was the nose then they could actually sneeze their brains out! LOL! okay. Sorry, I'm a nerd and love sciencey humor. This is lovely by the way.