Thursday, November 20, 2008

And now for something completely different

So I was flipping through some of my current notebooks and realized I do a lot of crazy drawings during my classes. Most of them are pretty mindless, as I'm paying attention in class but my hands need something to do. I have a pile of notebooks from last year as well, and decided I should cut out the drawings and do something with them.

But what?

Thanks to etsy I've seen lots of people with their own zines... I thought I'd put some together and see what happens. No words, just my doodles.

I've got two made up so far. I glued the drawings onto a paper booklet I made, and spent a while figuring out how to make photocopies line up front and back. Oh yeah, and the title: "I swear I'm paying attention in class..."

Here's one with an animal theme (remember, I'm a zoology student):
And a plain doodle theme:

It's a little peek into my mind, perhaps someone would find interesting enough to buy. Both 10 pages long. They're both for sale in my etsy shop for $3 each! ANIMALS and DOODLES.

An interesting theme I noticed was "butterflies grabbing people with their proboscis" as you can see in the second photo. Hmmm.


5erg said...

At least you are attending and you have been busy :D
And I have heard that people memorize lessons better when they draw and listen.

Great stuff :D

Abi said...

Ooh - you could doodle on just the covers for a couple of books, and leave blank pages inside. They would make interesting notebooks!