Friday, November 14, 2008

An eco-friendly Christmas

I've been buying all my Christmas presents on Etsy, or making them myself. It's been fun knowing my family and friends will be getting really special, unique gifts.

However, the problem came up of wrapping paper. As much fun as it is to rip open gifts with that satisfying tearing sound, it's really incredibly wasteful (Unless you're like some members of my family who open gifts very carefully and re-use the paper for years and years and years).

So I decided to make my own little drawstring bags for presents! I found some fabulous fabric at the thrift store a while ago and thought the red stripes with green grasshoppers were sufficiently in the holiday cheer.They were incredibly simple and easy to make, and I feel good knowing the bags will be a gift in themselves and be re-usable. I'm even keeping a few for myself because the fabric is just too cute.

Hoping this post may serve as some inspiration :)

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Beth said...

That is a really great idea. I may have to do that for some gifts. I do reuse gift bags, but not wrap--probably like most.