Friday, November 28, 2008

Avoid the shopping rush...

Shop online! I already did all my christmas shopping on etsy (or made things myself), so no black friday shopping for me. Already there are stories cropping up about stampedes (and even deaths) in Walmarts... I think I'd get a panic attack from the crowds.

However I'm still tempted by sales on etsy that will likely be lasting now through "Cyber Monday".

I'm having a sale too!

My "Black Friday" section in my shop is marked down 20%, and I'll probably be adding more things to it as the weekend progresses.

And yesterday (Happy Thanksgiving!) was a fabulous etsy day for me. Several sales, and I was on the front page! Top and center, too. It was tough to calculate my increase in views on Majaba because people kept buying things.... guess that's an acceptable problem ;)
Have fun everyone and stay safe :)

1 comment:

kim* said...

same here, i can't imagine shopping anymore unless it's a very eclectic shop.