Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In celebration of classes starting - SEA GLASS GIVEAWAY!

My college classes start today and I'm excited, it's looking to be a great year. So, I thought I'd do a little giveaway!

While visiting St. Croix, my mother and I combed the beaches for sea glass. I kept my favorite pieces, but I'm willing to give up the rest! They mostly look like beer bottle glass but who knows... greens, ambers, clear, and lots of light blue, even two dark blue pieces.
I don't know much about sea glass but I do know that these are REAL (picked them off the beach/in the water myself), and the pieces have differing qualities (some are more perfectly rounded than others). I know that somebody would be able to do wonderful crafts or jewelry with these pieces (hoping to get a few of the ones I kept made into pendants someday). Here's your chance to get ahold of some St. Croix sea glass.

So now...
It's a simple "pay attention to me" thing:
1. Check out my shop: WeirdBugLady
2. Tell me what your favorite thing in my shop is!
3. Tell me what you'll do with the sea glass
4. Leave me a way to get into contact with you (either etsy name or email)

*The giveaway will end Friday, September 5th*

I will then put all the names into a hat, and have my roommate randomly choose the winner.

Good luck :)


blest said...

Well! I like the crested gecko best because I lurve lizards! And I thought I had seen your shop before, but I must not have because WOW! Your stuff is way cool!!

I would wire wrap the sea glass for necklaces, of course. And I think I would share it with CoastalSavvy because that is her specialty and I want her to get her shop up and running again.

Allegro Arts said...

Too cool!
2. favorite thing in your shop - the orchid mantis. mostly because i never knew mantises could come in pink.
3. what i'll do with the glass - mix it with PMC and fire it in a kiln to make some pendants, bracelets, and earrings.
4. allegroarts.etsy.com!

clarissa said...

Much fun! I can not honestly choose one favorite from amongst your creations - centipede scarf kills me, as do taxidermy cockroach and Tommy the giant tomato hornworm. ;) (This from a grrl who had a special cabinet built for her own vintage insect collections.....)

If I get some of your glass I will use it as focal pieces in my metal pendants, 'jellyfish' in particular.

DesireeDesigns said...

wow, amazing collection! i'm lucky to find 10 pieces when i go to the beach! my favorite thing in your shop is the awesome tobacco worm http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=10448125
his detailing is just so incredible!
i was going to say mr. sea slug because he was my previous fave, but i must say that timmy has won my heart! i would use the seaglass for wire-wrapping pendants, something i've wanted to try for a long time! desireedesigns@gmail.com :D

yellowfish said...

I like Terrence the Tiger Beetle best- because he's my favorite color, I like the antennae and for whatever reason I think its hilarious his name is Terrence.

I love sea glass! I'm so jealous. I'm in California, and there is just not that much of it on the beach here. I got a couple pieces on a trip back east and made some jewelry for my shop, but I don't have any more! Thats what I'd do if I got it (and I would be so happy! :).

Great giveaway idea!!


Anonymous said...

It was hard, but my favorites are the "centipede scarf" and "Timmy the Hornworm caterpillar"

I'll probably use the glass for either pendants or wind chimes.


Maiko said...

woops, forgot to put my name in...

rhino said...

my fave is the Betta Fish Bowl set - no.1 looks just like our elmo who took a swim downstream last year.

make some hair pins with silk flowers and glass as middle.
sun up my sewing desk with a few in a bowl. :)


Anonymous said...

My favorite is your centipede scarf because I adore centipedes (insects in general too, which is why I LOVE your art!) Besides that, I love maroon.

I would use your sea glass as "leaves" on these little wire trees I am making for my friends for the holidays (and maybe use a few larger pieces in a couple wire wrapped pendants.)

BackwoodSophisticate said...

1. Check out my shop: WeirdBugLady
Love it!!
2. Tell me what your favorite thing in my shop is!
I can't decide between Moritca and Timmy. I love them both for different reasons. Timmy is such a cool color green and is so fat and squishy. I love Mortica's hairs and wings, so cool.
3. Tell me what you'll do with the sea glass
Well, I am not sure, I usually go with the creative flow, which means they could be used on picture frames, in jewelry, or maybe as magnets... I know I want to make a bracelet for myself with some of them.
4. Leave me a way to get into contact with you (either etsy name or email)
shop name: backwoodsophisticate

blest the paranoid said...

I'm having an attack of paranoia... my entry is clickable to my shop. But just in case. Contact info is blest at http://blestbeads.etsy.com

Ann said...

1. OK. Done. I love your dA posts so that was no chore. :)
2. Tough choice, but I have to say the centipede scarf. PEDE POWER.
3. Probably work it into a sculptural frame (see http://vektar.deviantart.com/art/Keeper-in-custom-frame-94710424 or http://pics.livejournal.com/mskoi/pic/000yz7y4/ )
4. ann at moritorium dot com ... i have no etsy.

jewelstreet said...

I hope I do this right. Cross my fingers. lol.

I love your betta tank for two reasons. It's just too cool and amazing, and it reminds me of my little betta that committed suicide. No kidding.

I would make candleholders with the sea glass. One for me and one for you since you're giving the sea glass if you wanted one. Sea glass looks so pretty with candlelight.

My etsy username is jewelstreet.

Arctida said...

So let see, if I can make it right :)

1. Done! and I love it :) *psst, I've got almost identical Samovar at home as on the "Betta Fish Bowl set" pic :)*

2. I'm in loooove with the "Plush Aquarium number 1" - it would be such a cool decoration for a kid's rum!

3. I would probably make a coiled set (earring + necklace/pendant)

4. Arctida on Etsy too :)

Caroline said...

Ooh I love sea glass!

1. I love your plush aquarium... particularly the attention to detail! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=12066684

2. If I won, I'd use your seaglass to make a sun catcher of some kind.

3. calobee@gmail.com is my e-mail. :) Thank you!

plumstars said...

I love the little hedgehog!! He is adorable... I would use the glass for something creative, possibly magnets, on gift tags, on a frame or even try an ACEO.

My shop is www.plumstars.etsy.com and my e-mail is IHeartPlumStars@gmail.com

elizabethjayne said...

My favorite thing is the little ribbon snake:
Snakes are so unloved. Although a close runner-up is the stink-bug earrings...how did you make stink-bugs cute?!?

I'd have to make a few wire-wrapped pendants, and share some with my dicro/lampworking friend to play with, and a votive holder, and...

Contact me here: www.elizabethjayne.etsy.com

Thanks buglady!

Poisonous Porkipine said...

I really love the sugarglider plush you just listed recently <3
(althought plumstars just said she saw a hedgie in there, i might have to change my vote :P)
I have always adored the aquariums however!

With the sea glass, I would like to give some to a special freind (who if you convo me i can tell you but don't wanna announce it :P) and with the rest work it into wirewrapping for christmas faimly christmas presents.

I'm poisonousporkipine.etsy.com

Celtic Goddess Jewelry said...

I love the beta fish in the bowl. How totally awesome! You can get in contact with me at http://buyindie.blogspot.com or through www.celticgoddessjewelry.com

I would probably use the sea glass in a mized media project

Sierra Pelona Crochet said...

your nembrotha cristata nudibranch is fabulous! dh and i love going to tidepools and finding awesome creatures like nudibranchs. :) although this guy is quite a bit bigger than the ones we usually see.

dh would love to be able to use the sea glass as props in his photo shoots (he's a professional photographer).

AngelHeartBeads said...

I love this from your shop:

I love fish. My dad used to have these three huge fish tanks when I was growing up. I loved how they would all swim toward me if i put my finger on the glass on the side, and then follow my finger as I moved it. I am, however, horrible at keeping fish alive it appears. I attempted to have a Beta fish in college. I got it a really pretty glass bowl with those fish bushes and stones, etc. I apparently over fed my fish (seriously, can you really over feed a fish??) and it died. I was devistated. My roommate thought I was a complete whack job because I cried when I flushed my fishy in the toilet after I found it belly up. So now, I'm afraid to have live fish. This, however, would be perfect for me because it's a pretty fish in a pretty bowl, and I wouldn't have to worry about over feeding it.

As far as the glass - I love sea glass... it's so pretty. I like using them to make mobiles for my porch, by wrapping them with wire, and other little gems. Since I used to live in NJ, and am now in PA, I miss being able to go to the shore and pic up little pieces of glass and drift wood I would find washed up on shore. Whatever pieces I don't use for mobiles lend themselves into pendants, and pieces to add to bracelets, and rings.

You know where to find me! I'm one of those whacky ETC people! But just incase... http://www.AngelHeartBeads.etsy.com - that's me. :)

Jill said...

I am immediately attracted to the Tobacco Worm- SO cute and cuddly, but so many others are highly desireable!
If I were to win the sea glass, I would sprinkle them amoungst the boring brown and grey rocks that make up our garden fish pond. Color is imperative for interest, and the glass is a perfect, almost organic, addition to such a serene place.
Thanks for your making the world a more fun place!

kristy said...

I love the Terrence the Tiger Beetle soft sculpture I never get to see these cool bugs near where I live.

With the sea glass, I might make them into necklaces or a mosaic or a mobile that would look lovely in the light, or maybe I would put a couple in a cute little dish with some baby oil to pretty up my bathroom :)