Sunday, May 18, 2008

So much for the rain...

Turns out it's a beeeaaauuuutiful weekend, but I think the rainy forecast scared everyone off. I didn't need my tent after all, I got a spot indoors where almost everyone else was. Super small show, not many vendors, not much publicity, and barely any people. They all crowded around the booth re-selling expensive looking jewelry that was obviously not handmade. Right across from me. Sigh.

Sold one thing before the show even opened for the day. Luckily my boyfriend was great company, talked about things I should do to improve my display.

Today I'll be alone and bringing a book. Because when people only show up to my spot every five or so minutes, it gets boring.

I talked to the other vendors at the end of the day yesterday and they said it was the worst turnout/sales they ever had. Many had been to this show before.

Oh well. Learning experience, right? But I've gotta do it all over again today. Yay.


Tatyana said...

Aww, sorry it wasn't a more successful show. Happens I guess. i have yet to attend one. But at least you weren't alone.
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SG said...

oh, barf! non-handmade things at a so-called art/craft show. how do they get away with it!?

anyway every show is definitely a learning experience, and i hope your 2nd day was better!! :)

g. muff said...

g.muff..replyed to you misinformed knowledge of crow pecking order..saras so called "white crow" resembles what happens to alot of people..but the color is different...