Thursday, May 1, 2008

Schoooooooooooool's out for summer

Home at last! Spent the day yesterday driving home with my mom and unpacking and cleaning. Went through my room and throwing out/collecting for the salvation army SO much stuff that was cluttering up my bedroom. I have my sewing space all organized and it's going to be AMAZING to work here, I finally have space. Can't wait to work with my 1947 Singer again, my portable plastic machine is, well, plastic-crap. My old Singer feels like a real machine, I love her.

Today I'm going shopping to get more sewing supplies, I'm so excited. I'm going to be spending the day cleaning cages and sewing!

And all my pets missed me. My parrot Pepper came rushing out of his cage to sit on my shoulder, chirping away so happily, he's such a cutie. However, now if I'm ever not in the same room as him he calls for me endlessly until I return. Even if he doesn't want to play or be picked up. Just to make sure I'm there. It's cute, but I've got work to do too, hehe. All the reptiles and things seem to be doing well but while my parents feed them and give them water, they don't clean out poop or shed skin. Today is going to be busy.

Pictures of my new wonderful work space and some of my animals shall be posted soon :)

Oh! And I ordered another parrot toy from wyspurcreations on etsy, and it arrived the same day I came home! I got out of the car, my mom checked the mail and there it was. And she even threw in another little goody for my Pepper. I got the Shredder, which Pepper just loves to shred to pieces. It was good having new toys to distract him with once I got home so he wouldn't freak out that I kept leaving the room. She has many parrots of her own (including Caiques like mine) and supports a parrot rescue. If you're looking for bird toys I highly suggest you check her out.

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UniqueNurseGranny said...

So glad to see you.It must have warmed your heart.You have a lot to keep up with.