Sunday, May 25, 2008

A new adventure

I get way too many good ideas in my mind all at once. First of all, I finished up another custom order and I love it... it's a Bryozoan. Supposed to look like the things on this page.And have any of you seen the latest issue of National Geographic? With the article on nudibranchs? They are my dad's favorite animal, and I think they're amazing. They have the articles and photos on their website, you HAVE to check this out. Because I'm going to make some of those. The black one with green spots is my favorite.

Aaaaaand... another idea floating around that's starting to take shape is - fish tanks. I have a clean empty 10 gallon tank and I'm going to decorate it with everything plush - sand, background, decorations, and of course fish. I have an idea to make it so that it could be removed and put into any other 10g tank, and some of the decoration able to be moved around. I started making my first one yesterday and it's going to be awesome! So far it's got seaweed and rocks and a starfish - going to have corals, anenomes and clown fish. I was also thinking terrariums - like plush setups for lizards and snakes and things. Would be great for people who don't want to actually take care of a pet but just want something to look pretty, haha. It's something different, at least.

So that's what's up with me and hopefully I won't be struck with another great idea until I get some of these other projects out of the way first.

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Crafty Geek Girl said...

Wow! I can't wait to see pictures of your fish tank project! It sounds awesome!