Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm too awesome for my own good

Seriously.Yup, it's a fish tank. Everything inside is made of fleece, either hand sewn or machine sewn by me. I love when ideas like that pop into my head.

It's for sale in my shop, and I'd looooooove to take custom orders on something like this!

Next up... I'm not sure. Thinking of some sort of lizard or snake set up.

And nudibranchs. Of course.


Fuzzy Izmit said...

That is awesome! Man, I wish I such an active imagination as you do!

Christa said...

Wow I love the colors in your creations. I really like the clown fish!

Chloe Rose

Cathe said...

How'd ya think of that? AMAZING!! If my kids were smaller, I'd have snatched up 3 of those!

Very nice work.

Jeannie said...

That is completely brilliant!

Great job. You just make these out of your head, right? No patterns? Amazing. Simply amazing.

Weirdbuglady said...

Yup, I just make things up as I go along. I can envision what I'm making before I start, and just try to create what I see.

I used a few reference photos to get the fish just right, but that's it.

Tizzalicious said...

That's absolutely fantastic!

Curly Girl Glass said...

too cute!

Kristi said...

Very cool! :)