Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some new creatures

I don't think I'm going to put these in my etsy shop, at least not yet. I have possible other plans for them to be sold in a store, we'll see if it pans out.

My train of thought for the crab spider went something like this:

I want to make a spider
What kind of spider?
Black widows are cool
Yeah, maybe I'll make a black widow
No, I don't have a lot of black fleece left
What other spider could I make
I have lots of white fabric
White spider?
Aha - crab spider!
It's got a legspan of about 16" - there are wires in the legs so it can stand up.

As for the spittlebug - I started off wanting to make an ichneumon wasp (it will happen someday), but I wasn't quite in the mood- I was scanning through one of my insect books with my roommate and she suggested the spittlebug. So of course I dug through all my bags and boxes of pompoms and scrounged for every single white pompom.
Here's to hoping I won't come up with another project that requires white pompoms, because I'm all out! And believe it or not, the twig and everything manages to stand up on its own. I put some polybeads in the bottom and if you position it just right, it'll stay up.

I'm currently working on a potentially HUGE project - a wasp nest. So far I'm making the hexagonal cells, each about 4" wide and taking a long time to make. There are going to be eggs, larvae, adults, and I envision the whole thing being able to be hung on a wall. It won't be an entire nest, but like the beginning of one, with about 25 chambers or so. I currently have only 9 chambers and already ran out of that color fabric, haha. This will surely take me a while.


Ceuthophilus said...

I hope your wasp nest, presumably the common paper wasp genus Poslistes, will contain a few wasps with parasites? I'm thinking Strepsiptera here...

Weirdbuglady said...

You know I was actually considering that, depends on how large the adults are and if the strepsiptera would be able to be seen well enough. We'll see what happens!

Chair said...

Wow, I can't wait to see your ichneumonid! They've always been my favorites!! SOooo elegant... but DEALDY!! lol

The spittle bug gets me (in a very good way). That someone would have thought of and took the time to make a spittle bug plushie is so wonderful.

Not enough people out there appreciate the beauty and... just FUN of invertebrates. Bug power!!

ElegantSnobbery said...

I love spittle bugs - my brother and I called them spit bugs growing up, and we thought we were being so clever calling them that... guess we weren't that clever. They are cute anyway!

Tatyana said...

Ooh that crab spider is so pretty :P

Cindy said...

I haven't stopped in for a while...That spider is beautiful, and the spittle bug is cute too!