Saturday, January 10, 2009

Craft explosion

Oh it's happened - that winter break I took caused all my artistic and creative tendencies to build up and up - until the past few days, and I've been creating things nonstop!

First up, I organized all my supplies. Here's part of my desk:Notice all the sharpies - the box on the right are all brand new! I decorated some cans (not mine, I don't drink soda) to make some fun holders... you can see my small bag made of crocheted plastic bags (I've since made a larger purse, and I'm working on a laptop bag). I even put some ric-rac on my dissection kit, haha.

Oh and my fabric - I WANT TO SWIM IN IT. Does that make sense? If you have piles of fuzzy fabric in your possession you'll understand. This is only a small section of the shelves.
The other day (they're all blending together) I spent FOUR HOURS crocheting plastic bags... first of all, it took several hours the day before just to cut them out into strips and make the giant ball of "yarn". But then I though, hey, I'll start with a few rows. And kept going... and going... and going. I found episodes of "Are you being served" online, which I watched for those four hours straight. It was a good time but I sure got some callouses.

And the SEWING.... I've finished a custom order for a trade, first off:
I love these centipede scarves, I really hope more people custom order them. I'm thinking of making a listing for one... they take up a lot of fabric but they turn out so awesome and cuddly.

I've been working on a few other custom orders as well (check this out - I'm making a fouling community), and finished up my entry for the Plush Team Jan/Feb contest. I'll take photos tomorrow.

And I've been drawing! A cockchafer beetle (Melolontha melolontha) I felt inspired to recreate with sharpies:
And some nudibranchs, Chromodoris annae:
This is based on the photo by David Doubilet, as seen in National Geographic
I've actually sold some of my plush nudibranchs to him, how cool is that! I absolutely love his photography, and well nudibranchs are just so awesome and colorful they're perfect subjects for my sewing and drawing. I don't think I'll be selling any drawings in my shop, for now they're just for fun.

As always I'm looking forward to more custom orders - figure it'll be good to get in some serious sewing before I start having to do assignments for classes and study for exams.

Can't wait to see what inspires me tomorrow!


Kunklebaby said...

That scarf is awesome!!

glassidentities said...

I love sharpies! It is great all you have been getting done :)

Anonymous said...

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