Saturday, February 9, 2008

What's in a name?

Hello there, I'm Brigette, also known as "The Weird Bug Lady".

Where did that name come from, you ask?

Well, when my boyfriend and I started dating, we'd send tons of emails to each other. And in one of them, he made some sort of comment about how "weird bug ladies rock!". The phrase started to stick, I thought it was hilarious, and started using it as a username for various websites online. That was over four years ago, and the name and the boyfriend are still hanging around.

The name fits because I've always been crazy about bugs (as well as spiders, reptiles and amphibians), and I'm studying zoology in college. Often when describing my interests people are amazed to discover I'm female, so I figure having "lady" in my name helps dispell some of that confusion.

And the "weird" part, well, it's kind of obvious once you get to know me.

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