Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day is weird

Initially, the idea is a nice one. Spend one day getting flowers and candy and going out to fancy restaurants with the person/people you love.

But at what cost? We've given in to a purely commercialized holiday where everything is blaring shades of pink and red, stylized hearts permeate every surface, and actions are sterilized of meaning. It's a day where you can give someone a card and piles of heart shaped candy and be done with your responsibilities, whether there is actual thought behind your actions or not. And for people who are single... it's a really sucky reminder that they don't have a romantic endeavor.

For these reasons and others, my boyfriend and I aren't big fans of Valentine's day. Just mention the phrase around him and he'll start ranting and raving to the point where you get a little scared. I think it's fun when you can stop taking it seriously though. If you let go of all the hype and just embrace seeing your friends happy and inhale a few extra calories labeled "miss you" and "be mine"... there's no harm in that. And there's no point in being miserable on purpose.

Besides, my mom mailed me a big box of candy!

I'm going to be on SUCH a sugar high during my classes the next few days... that isn't even all the boxes of candy hearts, there's one on my desk right now (half empty).

Oh, and here I am wearing the necklace I talked about before from souldier!
It's simply fantastic, even better in person. I had to strike a funny pose because my face looks aweful from a morning full of allergies... my room is a little dusty with all the fleece fuzz floating around. More sewing projects are in the works!

Happy valentine's day, whether you like it or not :P


Jess said...

i have the same feelings about the holiday. but i love sending cards and eating candy!
my bf and i dont really celebrate it either.

outofthepinksky said...

Great necklace. I saw that shop the other day and hearted it because of those necklaces.

On a different topic, as you may remember, I'm the one freak who's scared of worms. No idea why.

Tizzalicious said...

It really is awful when you're single and lonely! I remember totally hating it when I was!

The necklace is fantastic!

Chucka Stone Designs said...

I second every V-Day emotion you expressed here! Matt & I spent the evening having dinner with his whole family & actually none of us even remembered what day it was until after dinner when we went to The Home Deopt. Now that is true love - a miter saw in a bright red box.