Thursday, February 21, 2008

More fun things and running away

Well, not *really* running away. But next week is "Reading Week" (wtf is with that, anyway?). My school's version of spring break, so I'll be going home to see my family, pets, and of course my awesome boyfriend. I'm leaving this saturday, the 23rd, and coming back March 2nd.

I'm not sure if I'll be taking my laptop with me, I might try to have an internet free week. In that case I won't be updating here, and I won't be at my etsy shop. I have announcements in my avy and banner and shop announcement so hopefully people will notice. I'll be able to send things out as soon as I get back though.

I can't wait to see all my pets, I have the most fantastic animal friends. I sadly cannot take them to college due to a pet-free apartment and the US/Canadian border. My parrot Pepper (he's a caique) is absolutely in love with me and mourns while I'm gone. When I'm done with college he's coming with me!!! Including family pets, the animals at my house also include: two cats, rabbit, six snakes (and one that lives with my boyfriend), three salamanders, bearded dragon, crested gecko, pink toe tarantula, giant millipede, and a beta fish. I think that's all of them, hehe. Some of them were my dad's idea, some of them I caught, some are rescues, and some of them I just *had* to get when I worked at a pet store. Some day I'll post pictures of them all.

And now onto the etsy goodness: today I reached 800 hearts! I can hardly believe it. That's a lot of love.

And I have some new items.

This one isn't actually new, but I retook pictures and relisted it. I tried playing around with resin once upon a time, and only had a few things turn out ok. This is one, with a real tarantula fang inside. It's from the shed skin of my tarantula, Tip Toe. They shed *everything* when they molt.
(this is Tip Toe)

And I have two new patches, round ones this time. A ladybug and a firefly.
That's all for now, I might update tomorrow before I leave (the bus leaves very early Saturday morning), though I'll be packing and going to labs most of the day.


Tizzalicious said...

That's such a great pendant!

Congrats on your 800 hearts!

Manda said...

nice buggy blog! i love it!

shannon said...

omg, a real fang! that;s so cool

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pendant! Now go home and enjoy your family, pets, and oh yea, that awesome boyfriend!

mosey handmade said...

love these!