Wednesday, February 13, 2008

TheFrogBag is my hero...

Because she is a zookeeper! How sweet is that! I myself am studying zoology, not sure if I'll end up in a zoo someday but who knows.

Check out her etsy shop here: TheFrogBag

She does sewing and beading by hand, which I'm not sure I'd have the patience for. Some of the creatures she creates are living, and some are extinct, and some are made up!

I love these cat toys, though I'd be afraid to give them to my cats because I wouldn't want them ripped to shreds. They're not bugs, but they're invertebrates so they're still awesome.


Brittle star:I absolutely adore this little strawberry frog bag, the detail is fantastic! I'd love to see such a bright little frog in person.And you can't forget the Anomalocaris, this is her interpretation of what these strange extinct creatures would have looked like. Awesomeness.

And here is the best part: 20% of the price of anything bought in The Frog Bag shop will be donated to a charity supporting animal rescue and conservation. The current recipient is The Tapir Preservation Fund, headquartered in Oregon. Check out their website at

There are plenty more great creatures in her shop, I highly suggest you check it out!


Hello Crafty said...

What a cool shop! I'm so glad that I a) found your blog and b) was guided to her shop! My husband LOVES frogs! I see some purchases in the horizon!

GreenSpaceGoods said...

I love the strawberry frog :)

Claire said...

What cool goodies! That they are all hand done is really mindblowing.
I'm glad to have found your site- I love your giant plush bugs!

High Desert Diva said...

She has a cool shop, thanks for sharing.

Will you be getting those spider earrings...?

Corinna said...


Thanks for the kind words! Weirdbuglady's creatures are the absolute tops!

Peggy said...

Yes! Frogbag does beautiful work, detailed and original. Great ETSY-er as is Weird Bug Lady herself. Handmade rocks!