Friday, June 11, 2010

St. Croix

Hello everyone, I'm back!
Spent a wonderful week on St. Croix with my father and best friend. We took lots of photos, including three disposable underwater cameras... anxiously waiting for them to be developed.

Over the next week or so, I'll be posting with themes about the wildlife we encountered.

Here is a teaser - me with my favorite caterpillar. Do you know which species it is?


Anonymous said...

In the Caribbean? Easy: it's a *SPOILER REDACTED*. Let's just say it's not really a riddler, but four. Or, in ROT13: Cfrhqbfcuvak grgevb. (No peeking! Remember, kids, cheaters never quit and quitters never cheat!)

Anonymous said...

Cooooool! My favorite is the hag moth (Phobetron pithecium).

jengardner said...

cool pict. are you familiar with the caterpillars of st. croix? my sister and i were at the botanical gardens this afternoon and photographed a hairy-looking caterpillar that the lady in the shop said was the same as your but it really doesn't look like your unless it becomes smooth later in its lifestyle. Our caterpillar is brown or black with orange spikes and a red or orange head. Any ideas? you can email me at jennifer; Thanks!

jengardner said...

i meant "life cycle"