Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cute little leps

Yesterday I posted about some eggs I had found... well, I also found a few caterpillars and pupae.

This one I believe to be (Nadata gibbosa), the white-dotted prominent. It's an early instar, as the head is still large proportional to the body, and a full grown caterpillar gets to be up to 5cm long. I have other photos that better show the markings, but I thought this was a fun shot. I will be raising it to see if I'm right.

I would greatly appreciated help identifying these two pupae. They were both found in rolled leaves (I have yet to identify the host plants, working on that). Very small, about 1cm long. Definitely alive and wiggling. The one on the right has an unusually pointy head, and rather small wings compared to the body size.

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