Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Doing what I do best

So this summer isn't looking so bleak after all. Still no word from people who could throw money at me for the summer, but I'm looking at doing a research project for school that will entail going on numerous camping trips (an insect biodiversity study). Won't be paid for it, obviously, so I'm going to use craft shows and etsy as my source of income - here's to hoping it works out! (I'm getting all the legal stuff figured out too, finally). I can't wait to go home and start working on more creatures, I have SO many ideas floating in my head, as well as a pile of custom orders.

Did I mention my boyfriend has volunteered to be my research assistant and personal chef for my insect collecting excursions? I don't see how this situation could get any better. I mean, I've been practicing for this (catching bugs) my whole life :P

And I know I can't post without posting a picture, since none of you are probably paying attention to my ramblings, so here:
It's a dragonfly adult emerging from it's old skin (you can see several of them on the branch, seems to be a popular spot). Remember this guy?
Freddy here is a dragonfly nymph. They have this crazy jaw that shoots out in front of them to catch prey underwater, including insects, newts, tadpoles and even small fish. They crawl out of the water and attach themselves to a high, vertical spot when they're ready to split open their skin and take on the adult form. The wings are very soft and pliable for a while, so they need to hang out (like in the above picture) and let them dry before they can fly off.

I can't wait to go home and start hunting around for dragonfly skins! They're great for scaring people.


Melody said...

Hi! I just wanted to let you know I got the monster you sent me, and I blogged about it here:

That picture is cool! Did you take it? I have to admit I did not know how the nymphs turned into adults, thanks for educating me :)

Waterrose said...

What a cool picture of the dragonfly!