Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Crustaceans are cool

I'd like you to meet Daisy the Daphnia:

Isn't she a cutie? Daphnia are planktonic aquatic crustaceans, usually around 0.2 to 5mm in size. They live in fresh water and can often be seen cavorting near the surfaces of ponds. They are sometimes called water fleas because they seem to "jump" through the water with their feathery appendages.

Daisy is currently for sale in my shop!

And in other news, I got my plush swap plushie today! She is a lynx named Pola, and she came all the way from Poland. Pola was created by Aloutka (lalootka on etsy), and she is simply precious. I looooove her!


Fuzzy Izmit said...

I cant tell you how much I love that Daphnia up there!

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