Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thanks for the support everyone

A heartfelt thank you to P.Z. Myers who mentioned me on his blog Pharyngula. I am a HUGE fan of his and his blog gets me through my lunch break every day. Thanks also for all the comments on the post, and the tweets, and the sales!

Custom orders are starting to trickle in again, and I'm always happy to accept more. I can be contacted through conversations on Etsy, or email

New piece in the shop: giraffe weevil drawing. I should really make a plush one of these, expect to see one in the shop within the next few weeks!


Psi Wavefunction said...

Man, this is amazing! Another wonderful marriage of art and science! So rarely are both done so skillfully by one person... =D

Now if you made some protists I would add you to my worship list =P Stylonychia or Euplotes and Erythropsidinium (a dinoflagellate with a camera eye!) would be awesome ^_~

I'd custom order if I weren't a perpetually broke student >_>

Keep up the good work! Cheers,


PS: I found this thanks to the link on Pharyngula, so it's working!

Julie said...

I, umm....might have squeeed just a little bit when I saw the link on Pharyungula...A well-deserved honor! Very awesome.