Friday, March 27, 2009

My new identity

I've been working with pocketstudio on etsy for my logo design, and couldn't be happier! It was a tough decision, I got so many fabulous bids and preliminary sketches... but pocketstudio really captured what I was looking for right from the start.

Every idea translated perfectly from my mind to the design in every step, Sarah really understood what I wanted.

Check this out!
Doesn't he look familiar? It's Cedric the centipede of course.
I have spent a LONG time thinking about getting a logo. Everything about my shop and business cards has been scattered, without a theme to pull them together. For so long, though, I simply couldn't come up with a design that would work to represent my business. Then one day it hit me - bugs crawling on a sewing machine. But what bug? Cedric, being my mascot for craft fairs, was the perfect fit. I feel like the logo I have now can tell you a lot about what I do in one image. The business cards and banner also include my "custom crafted creatures" tagline.

I got a new avy and banner for my etsy shop, as well as business cards and return address stickers. I already went out and bought some business cards and address labels... so exciting!

So thanks again to pocketstudio, if any of you have design needs or simply want some adorable cards, please check out their shop!


Mary and Bob said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So colourful! Great job!!!

Brandon said...

looks great!!!!

Rachel said...

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the jewelry :ninja! said...

that's awesome! she did a great job, and it's totally you!

elsiee said...

what a wonderful logo, love it!! just discovered your shop and blog on an etsy forum thread, guess I'm your newest follower!!

come on over and visit me sometime:

Anonymous said...

Love it! One of these days, I must have you make something for me....

Splendid Things said...

Wow! You're a very talented designer and seamstress! Just visited your shop and I especially love the snakes! Best of luck! Love the graphic designs by the way! Jeanette

Tizzalicious said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

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