Friday, August 15, 2008

Aaaahhhhh I need to pack!

Leaving for a week long vacation with my parents tomorrow, and all my suitcase currently holds is a bathing suit... need to get my butt moving, but my cat is holding my lap and right arm hostage.

Tomorrow is even MORE awesome because it's my birthday. That's right, finally will no longer be a teenager! *dances*

Hoping all the airport crap goes alright, as much as I love flying all the lines and check points are incredibly tedious and boring and frustrating. Making sure to keep my liquids less than 3oz and in a plastic baggy (seriously, that's lame).

So, where am I going, you ask? Only my favorite place in the world. Click to see a webcam of the beach! You might be able to see me there...

Sugar Beach, St. Croix, USVI

I am going to take so many pictures, it will be ridiculous. Underwater, too. Weather and blisters-on-my-feet permitting, I'll be snorkeling several times per day.

And in other news, finished up some more fun custom orders this morning, hoping to get them sent out before I leave. Limpet and tardigrade (water bear). I've made them before, and someone saw them and had to have them.
Ok. Time to start packing. I mean it.

Oh, and my shop will stay open! I just won't be able to ship anything until I get back (first shipping day will be the 25th).


Joy De Vivre Design said...

Have a great trip and happy early birthday!

Arty Allsorts said...

Have a lovely trip - and as an early birthday present - there are some more bugs for your viewing on my blog!! LOL Glad I'm not the only bug girl around :)

Kayleigh said...

Crazy, this is the last day of my week long vacation with my parents! My birthdays only in 12 days though... sounds like we have a lot in common! ha

Field Notes said...

Congratulations on your awesome press coverage! You deserve every bit of it. Your creatures are phenomenal. Have a grand time on vacation, I am sure you've earned it!

morgan said...

Hey! Your plush Tardigrade is really fantastic! I think I would really like to get one for Christmas--would you mind e-mailing me with a price estimate? (shadowshark .a.t. msn .dot. com) We're always talking in lab about how well these guys would adapt to plushie form, so you just might be getting a few more orders for them (I already send them your link... whups!).
Thanks a bunch,