Thursday, March 20, 2008

I've been tagged so many times!!! Aaahhhh!!!

I've been tagged now by uglyprettythings, beetlegirl, and themorninglorivine.

So I guess it's time for seven random facts about me! And to make it interesting, each will have a photo to go along.

1. Ambush bugs are one of my favorite insects. Here you can see one sucking the juices out of a fly it caught. Ambush bugs are really tricky to find, as they're so well camoflauged, though they're usually found on goldenrod because their backs are yellowish. I kept this one as a pet for a while. They have raptorial front legs like praying mantids.
2. I catch (and tease) snakes for fun. In the wild I've found garters, red bellies, water snakes, and eastern milk snakes. Here is a little garter that did NOT like my camera.
3. Yes, I DO also like cute little furry animals! They're not as exciting but still adorable. These are some baby mice I rescued when our cats found their nest.
4. I don't just like to sew bugs, I like to draw them too. Been drawing much longer than I've been sewing! I'm a master with some sharpie markers, I have to say. This one is a bombardier beetle, copied from a famous photo by Thomas Eisner (one of my favorite authors).
5. I make forts in my woods.
6. I am obsessed with blueberries, they're my favorite food! We have lots of bushes at home, multiple varieties, and we get more than we can possibly eat. So all year we make blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins, blueberry cobbler, blueberry crisp... they're better than candy. I like to eat them frozen.
7. I can find four leaf clovers like it's nobody's business. Seriously (hey, it's my photo!). I've been known to sit in a patch of grass and find over 60 in under an hour. I usually don't keep them though, I give them to my friends and only press the really large ones.
There you go! Now I'd like to tag:
1. Field notes from an evolutionary psychologist
2. Fluffy Flowers
3. NataJane
4. Razorberries
5. StoopidGerl
6. colormebella
7. Tizzalicious

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I'd also like to point out I've been featured on Pretty Little Love Objects' blog!


Felicia said...

Thanks for the tag! And I love your fort :)

Tizzalicious said...

The mice are so cute!

Thanks for tagging me! I have already done this twice though, so I won't again!

Infinite Cosmos said...

You're very interesting! Thanks for the good read!

Field Notes said...

Oh my goodness.. you should know that I rarely ever do tags. Oh boy. I promise I will do this one when I can actually think of 7 random interesting things about me. Just one would be a start!

woolies said...

love the fort!!!!