Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bugs bugs bugs

New banner for my shop:
I changed my avy to the caterpillar, I think he's less evil looking than the mosquito.

I also took a picture of the gang all together:
However, this is missing the caddisfly larvae and house fly (both sold), as well as my latest little creations, Mindy Marsha and Melissa the three mealybugs!Mealybugs are nasty, fuzzy, hairy little pests that congregate on plants to suck the juices out. This makes them abhorred crop pests, but they're also kind of cute. They are a type of scale insect (order Hemiptera, the true bugs), though unlike the other scales, they retain their legs and can move around. The females have very reduced body parts and lack wings. They secrete a waxy substance all over their bodies, making them look powdery and furry.

Like aphids, they create a honey-dew substance from their abdomens as they feed. This attracts ants, and they have a similar sort of mutualistic relationship as ants and aphids do. The ants care for and protect the mealybugs, while the mealybugs provide the honey-dew as food. It is when this relationship occurs that the mealybugs can become serious pests, because they aren't being controlled by predators.

I have some ambitious projects in the works, stay tuned :)


knitsteel said...

Those are so cute!
well except maybe the mealybugs, because they've sucked the life out of some of my favorite plants...

Caroline said...

Are the mealybugs pink in real life, too? :)

I had a dream last night that you would have appreciated... my house was overrun by bugs. My brother counted 27 different species, including a particularly frightening breed of black widow spiders the size of your fist.

I'm still shuddering... urgh.

Weirdbuglady said...

Yup, there are some kinds of mealybugs that are actually pink.

Sounds like a crazy dream! I never have fun dreams like that.

Nodin's Nest said...

fun little family you've got there!

Danielleorama said...

The new banner looks fantastico!

Those mealybugs look like they'd be delicious!

Tizzalicious said...

I love the new banner!

StarkatBeads said...

Your store is a lovely!!! Congratulations :)