Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bug Banquet

I'm currently taking a general entomology course... it's helpful to brush up on things and this way I can be in line to TA the course later on. Today during lab, we had a "bug banquet" as we have been learning about the benefits of adding insects to our diets.

On the menu:

-Cricket pizza (crickets baked and seasoned).
-Waxworms and superworms fried in taco sauce.
-Crepes with mashed superworms mixed into the batter (I made those), cricket cranberry bread, and of course fig newtons (can't have figs without fig wasps inside).
-I also made the chocolate covered superworms. Baked them first so they were crunchy.

And the real star of the party... LIVE superworms wrapped in mango slices. Surprisingly a lot of people were game for the live insects, a few people even had more than one. I ate one, gagged a few times, but I held it down. It's not the taste but the textures and feeling it trying to crawl on your tongue. I'd much rather eat some softer insect larvae I think. There is much I could say about the benefits of entomophagy (insect eating) but I think I'll save that for another post (and after I've brushed the cricket tarsi out of my teeth!)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting the superworm down! I've sampled most of the insects that I feed to my lizardy babies, but I've always balked at superworms ... I don't like the way they feel crawling on my hands, so I just can't bring myself to put one in my mouth. Ziggy Stardust (my beardie) loves them above all other foods, though, so I have two colonies of them on the go for his purposes.

Weird Bug Lady said...

Yeah I've never liked superworms much... I think I would have been ok with mealworms, they're smaller and softer. Superworms are big, mean and crunchy. Our beardie back home loves them!

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