Monday, February 22, 2010

Who is hiding in the cabinet?

I'm home for reading week (my university's version of "spring break") and enjoying the company of my animals.

Our parrot, Pepper, is a rescue caique (they're known as clown birds, for good reason). He has mostly free range of the house when we're watching, and last year he claimed a favorite hiding place - the bottom drawer of a cabinet.

Originally it was filled with bags of noodles, and for the first week or so, we didn't realize he was sneaking in there. He took it upon himself to shred open the bags and chew the dry noodles to pieces. We found out he was in there when he started throwing them out onto the floor! Obviously, we threw them away.

This cabinet door does not close all the way, and we have not found a way to fix it. We tried to keep him out, but realized he was so happy in there, and above all - he was QUIET! Only making a few silly happy noises, and not his usual "pay attention to me" smoke alarm scream.

So we've cleaned it out a few times, still leaving some noodles to chew but also throwing in newspaper, paper towel tubes and an old tennis shoe. He loves to chew, so this is like a playground for him.

I caught him making some silly sounds today. Enjoy!


sassypackrat said...

That is so funny! He sounded so happy.

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