Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Do I really need another one? Of course!

Thrift stores are dangerous places, especially when you can find a 1976 Singer Stylist 533 sewing machine in perfect condition (with the case and manual) for $25Here's a photo of the new addition, next to my trusty 1947 Singer.

This one will replace my "brand new plastic singer", because it can do zig zags! And it's metal, just the way I like my sewing machines. Mmmm I'll have fun sewing this afternoon.

That's right, I debated opening another shop but really don't have the energy to keep up with two. So they're tossed in with my plushies.
Part of the fun is finding funky frames for them at thrift stores, they may have a few little scratches and dents but I think it gives them character. As you can see I've got all sorts of creatures drawn, I really love using sharpies. I'll take custom orders on drawings as well, with or without frames (though the frames will be random, considering it's based on what I can find).

That's my fun for the day... later this week will be getting more info on starting my full time summer job. Going to keep myself busy!


TheFrogBag said...

I love your drawings! I hadn't seen them before. Really great, especially with the funky fun frames.

Vanessa said...

Oh wow! I don't think I've ever found anything that cool at a thrift store, let alone for that cheap! I would love to find a vintage Singer someday