Monday, December 22, 2008

Plush Swap!

I'm a member of the Plush Team on etsy, and for the holidays we did another plush swap! We were each randomly assigned a team member to make a plush for, and given a short survey on things such as their favorite colors and favorite holiday themes.

I got my plushie in the mail from Electric Daisy, and it's so cute! I said I love reindeer... here it is perched in our tree:I'm always thrilled to add new plushies to my collection, especially from Etsy.

My recipient was Needlings, and since she likes candy canes I made her a cockroach with a santa hat, and a candy cane in its mouth. Sneaky little cockroach... (actually, BIG cockroach, haha it's about 15" long)


Anonymous said...

I love the cockroach! I think it's awesome that you use recycled plastic for your promos. How did you discover that #6 is like shrinky dink??

Weirdbuglady said...

I was using stumbleupon and a website came up describing how to do it... so I had to try!

LauraJ said...

absolutely lovely hemipteran beetle, Image 9 of 17. And you may enjoy the snakes, too. The Gaboon viper needs Pepsodent.

Crochetoholic said...

that is too cute..and I am not real fond of cockroaches but he is likeable.. :)